Rhino Indestructible GlowTip™ rods are legendary for their durability, and for the exclusive glow-in-the-dark tip that makes them ideal for low-light fishing. Whether you're fishing for light-line panfish, or going after monster cats with 80# braided line, a Rhino GlowTip™ rod is the perfect choice.

Built with the toughest rod construction in the world, Rhino GlowTip rods feature two high-strength materials: E-Glass surrounding a Graphite core. This construction method makes them virtually indestructible, while at the same time providing the sensitivity you need to detect even the slightest strike. No other rod design provides the angler with this level of confidence.

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No other rod on the market is tougher than Rhino, and that's because we use the world's most durable rod construction method. By combining two extra=tough materials — a strong E-Glass outer shell with a tough-yet-sensitive graphite inner core — we've harnassed the strength of both of these materials and produced a line of fishing rods that are truly indestructible.


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